Monday, March 22, 2010

Idra Gets 6-Pooled... in HD


Oh Idra, you lovable sourpuss.


  1. Awesome!! More replays with QQ Idra. I love watching him lose and complain. He's a great player, but a sore loser. :D

  2. Hi,

    There is another one from idra, i would really appreciate it if you would commentate this a well ;)

  3. Sorry to pop ur bubble, but this isn't the real IdrA.

    1. Names are not unique in SC2. Therefore, there are multiples of IdrA on

    2.Other than the raging characteristic that this player has displayed, there is no legitimate way to believe that this player was indeed IdrA.

    3. IdrA plays in Asia server.

    4. IdrA plays zerg, not protoss.

    5. Idra does not scout out so late to hav himself exposed to the threat of ling rush.

    6. IdrA would not be paired up with a platinum player such as yourself, for obvious reasons.